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Turkey Phone Numbers

Turkey phone numbers has an expansive collection of authentic information for direct marketing. Moreover, this genuine cell phone number data makes your SMS and telemarketing more effective. If you want to make your business more prosperous then the Telemarketing Data website is the ideal choice for you.

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Turkey phone numbers

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Turkey Mobile Phone Number

Turkey mobile phone number is a verified cell phone number list that improves your telemarketing. Also, these cold calls or SMS marketing tools are essential for your business. With this mobile numbers list, you can easily reach your targeted customers or individuals. This changes your business positively. Which brings a higher ROI from telemarketing. As a result, you can run your business in the long run.

Mobile Phone Users in Turkey in 2024

The GSMA Intelligence shows that there were 80.69 million cellular mobile connections here in 2024. Also, the analysis indicates that mobile connections in Turkey were equivalent to 93.8% of the total population. Moreover, the number of mobile connections in the country increased to 37 thousand (+0.05%) between the start of 2023 and 2024. In addition, the population stood at 86.04 million in January.  Here, 49.9% of the population is female, while 50.1% of the population is male. At the beginning of 2024, 77.6% of Turkey’s population lived in urban centers. While 22.4% lived in rural areas. Also, this study shows that Turkey’s population increased by 451 thousand (+0.5%) between early 2023 and the start of 2024.

The Country Code for Turkey is 90 and the phone code will be +90. Similarly, the phone number will be (remove initial 0) – 10 digits. For example: if you want to call from the United States or Canada to Turkey then dial 011 90 xxx xxx xxxx. This dialing format is valid for calls and text messages: 011 90 5?? ??? ????.


Mobile phone Operator in Turkey

Turkey has these three main mobile operators.

• Turkcell.

• Vodafone Turkey and

• Turk Telekom.

Nonetheless, several alternative mobile operators offer quality services by using major operators’ networks. Such as Bimcell (Turk Telekom) and Lifecell (Turkcell).

Each of these operators offers a wide range of plans and services. Likewise, these include prepaid and postpaid options. However, Turkcell is the largest operator in Turkey, with the widest coverage and fastest network speeds. Also, Vodafone Turkey offers vast coverage and competitive pricing. On the other hand, Turk Telekom is the leading telecommunications and technology company, that offers unique services.

Have a look at the Economy of Turkey

Turkey’s economy largely depends on its industrial and service sectors. Also, its main sources of income include tourism, textiles, and clothing. Again there are automotive, iron and steel, white goods chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Besides this, traditional agriculture still accounts for about 25% of employment. Furthermore, Turkey is a founding member of the OECD and G20. Yet, the country’s economy ranked as the 17th-largest in the world. Also, the 7th-largest in Europe by nominal GDP in 2023. It also ranked as the 11th-largest in the world and 5th-largest in Europe by PPP at the same time.

Most importantly, this mobile directory will help you to achieve your goals. Also, the dataset is super helpful for any business owner and individuals who want to do business in the country.

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Turkey Numbers FAQ

Q. What are the sources of the database?

A. We have a lot of trusted online and offline sources like e-commerce, job sites, shopping sites, and business directories from where our leads are collected. 

Q. What are the reasons people buy these contacts?

A. People buy these contacts because these databases will help their business during telemarketing.

Q. Can the database help any business?

A. Yes, these contacts can provide support to any business.

Q. Is the dataset updated?

A. Yes, we update our contact collection every month.

Q: Do I have to face any data security issues? 

A: We always maintain all the rules of GDPR while creating the database. So, you need not worry about the data security at all

Q. Can I take customized contacts within my budget?

A. Of course, anyone can take the database within their price range.

Q. In how many days consumers will get the database?

A. After purchasing any of the packages our consumers will get it within 24 hours.

Q. What is the format of the data?

A. We deliver the order in Excel, CSV, and text format.

Q. What is the accuracy rate?

A. We are giving a guarantee of at least 95% accurate information Which will help you successfully advertise your goods. 

Q: How should I handle this quantity of database? 

A: We made our dataset suitable for the CRM system. Therefore, you can handle this database easily.