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Moj Database

Moj Database is a great directory of actual info about this platform’s users. With it, you can easily promote your brand and enhance your marketing campaigns. That offers many benefits for boosting your business. Besides, you gain insights its users who are using it like TikTok. We are very reliable and famous for providing authentic marketing leads for any business.

Accordingly, it’s an effective way of reaching your targeted audience for marketing.  So, our Moj Database is authentic and very affordable to purchase. That gives you countless opportunities for potential business sectors. As a result, you can make more profit by using our data and achieve business goals.

Use Moj App as a Business Tool

The Moj app is a hit in India for sharing short videos. Here’s how businesses can benefit:

  • Content Creation and Brand Promotion: Collaborate with creators to showcase products or services.
  • Sponsorships: Brands pay creators to feature their offerings in videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Creators earn commissions through affiliate links.
  • Skill Monetization: Share educational or entertaining content to earn.
  • Boost Marketing: Share links to blogs, websites, or social media profiles for publicity.
  • Online Sales: Showcase products or services for direct sales.
  • Personal Branding: Establish authority in your niche with valuable content.
Moj database

How Moj Database Helps Your Business

The Moj database serves as a valuable business tool in several ways:

  • Targeted Marketing: Use user data for precise marketing campaigns.
  • Content Strategy: Analyze popular content to inform your strategies.
  • Business Partnerships: Collaborate with businesses aligned with your brand.
  • Product Placement: Explore opportunities for brand exposure within Moj videos.
  • Engagement: Interact directly with Moj users to build connections.
  • Market Insights: Gather data on consumer preferences and trends for strategic decisions.

Whether you’re a businessman or merchant, you reach a wider audience and boost engagement.

User Info of Moj

Moj offers a wide range of entertainment features. Since, its launch in July 2020, Moj has had 300 million monthly active users.  Also, the platform witnesses 3 million content uploads every day. Which has nearly 6 billion views daily.

The Monthly Active Users in India are 87.79 Million till now. Besides, the average session duration is 7.39 minutes. As well as the daily active users of the app are 23.76 million from 2022-2023. The users of the app are 21.1% Female and 78.9% Male.  Accordingly, the highest age group is 25-34 years old (43%) followed by 18-24 years old (33%).

Reasons to Choose Us

Moj Database can make your marketing process more beneficial. Too, it is the quickest way to reach any audience you want. Moreover, we offer 95% accurate contacts by following GDPR strongly. Thus, the Moj database can boost your business sales and bring huge profits. Meanwhile, it can contribute to your business to increase brand value. When it comes to ensuring quality, we are the best to supply top-notch quality data. So, buy this verified and recent directory now and get a lot of possibilities for making money.

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