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Zalo Database is a vast collection of genuine contacts of Zalo users in your country. Moreover, this authentic directory includes users’ profiles, contact links, addresses, and preferences. We collect all the info from verified sources to make your digital campaign easier. So, by taking our data you can ensure a better marketing process. That will bring a higher ROI by making your business profitable. So, to ensure that your direct marketing hits the mark, you should buy our data.

What is Zalo?

Zalo is a free Over The Top (OTT) application service, that is popular in Vietnam. In addition, it was developed by the internet company Vinagame (VNG) in 2012. We also call it a “super app” as it integrates various features. Thus, it is a free mobile app that offers messaging, social networking, e-commerce, and more. One notable aspect of our Zalo Database is its integration with various services.  It has significant popularity in Vietnam and also has users worldwide. Further, it is widely used by both individuals and businesses for communication and networking.

Why You Should Choose Our Zalo Database

Why You Should Choose Our Zalo Database

Our Zalo database offers many benefits for your business. Thus, it includes the ability to target users in Vietnam for your business marketing. Similarly, it allows you to understand consumer behavior and trends in the Vietnamese market.  As well as it helps in marketing strategies and enhances customer engagement. Besides, explores new business opportunities, research, and analysis of social dynamics. So, our up-to-date info will help to run your business in the long term.

Zalo database

Information on Zalo User Profiles

The majority of Zalo users are mainly Vietnamese people. Accordingly, around 73 million people use this app for social networking. Moreover, they connect to it when in the country but also when traveling. So, they can contact their relatives or individuals in Vietnam. As Zalo is the most suitable local messaging app, most expatriates use it to communicate with the locals. They install this for everyday or professional purposes. Further, you can use it to do business marketing in the country.

However, in January 2021, Zalo reported these data about their audiences:

However, in January 2021, Zalo reported these data about their audiences:

  • 60 million monthly active users.
  • 68% of users are between 24-44 years old.
  • 52% of users are male and 48% female.
  • 53% rural and 47% urban use Zalo.

According to Statista, in 2023, it was the 2nd most-used social media platform in Vietnam.

Why do Vietnamese People Use Zalo

Vietnamese prefer Zalo because they are patriotic and like local products. Similarly, here is a list of reasons why people like using this:

  1. It is a very popular Vietnamese-friendly messenger
  2. Simple and fast medium.
  3. Combination of file sharing, video calls, and chat.
  4. Suitable for communicating with big groups.
  5. Local interest in polls and surveys.
  6. It is more professional and reliable for work than Facebook.
  7. Adding friends directly from a cell phone number (more durable).

In short, Vietnamese people find Zalo more beneficial than other apps or social media. Above all, they are proud to have a serious competitor for Facebook.

The Future Outlook of Zalo

There is no doubt that Zalo will continue to grow and increase its user database. Thus, this “super app” is so suitable for Vietnamese people that it cannot be otherwise. Yet, there are over 155 million mobile connections in Vietnam (for a population of 98 million). Among them, 97% of smartphone owners, an average of 2h21 daily time on social media.

Hence, the market opportunities for Zalo are huge. Nonetheless, some people, especially foreigners, usually ask: is Zalo safe? The answer is Yes. So, VNG is aware of the risks and potential scams within the country. As a result, the users, locals, and expatriates can count on a secure OTT application. That is open for continuous optimizations. So, you can say that our Zalo Database is very potential info that gives you access to do business in Vietnam. When messengers didn’t invest much in promotional activities. This app spent 2 million USD the year after launching.

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