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Loan Database

Loan Database contains phone numbers of people interested in getting loans from money-lending companies. In fact, these people have shown interest in giving and taking loans. Here banks, NGOs, and micro-credit companies are involved with the loan process. Further, you can get all of the data in our loan database. Therefore, if you offer such services and need clients, our database is perfect for you. With this list, anyone can directly reach out to people who are more likely to use your services. Besides, everyone can maximize the use of your time and ensure more sales and profit for your business. You can do telemarketing to relevant leads and convert them easily.  So, we can confidently say that our loan database will be beneficial for your business.

Moreover, this dataset will help you find clients for your business. In addition, it will support you make your brand more recognizable to people. Therefore, you can both promote and sell with these contacts. Similarly, you can also find the contacts of people related to this sector. So, our data will allow you to interact with your peers and collaborate. In short, your business will progress and profit will grow. 

What is the Loan

A loan is when one party gives money to another, who promises to pay it back later. Usually, the borrower also has to pay extra, called interest or finance charges. Also, loans can be for a set amount or a flexible limit. They come in different types like secured, unsecured, commercial, and personal loans.

Furthermore, the loan is borrowing money from a lender, like a bank, with the agreement to repay it with interest over a set period of time.

Loan database

How many people taking a loan

It’s tough to track the exact number of people worldwide with loans because loans come from various sources like banks, informal lenders, or even friends or family. Getting data on informal loans is hard. But, we can use some indicators to understand how common loans are globally:

  • Look at loan growth rates by country. Trading Economics follows how much borrowing is happening in different places. This can show if more people are getting loans.
  • Check the household debt to GDP ratio. This tells us how much debt people have compared to the country’s total economic output. Again, a higher ratio means more people are taking out loans.
  • Look at financial inclusion data. The World Bank watches how well people can access financial services, including loans. Therefore, this helps us see how loans are used in developing countries.

Why should Choose Our Loan Database

Our loan Database will be an efficient resource for your marketing. In fact, it will make sure you reach and interact with the most favorable prospects. Besides, the contacts consented to share their numbers and other information, so our leads are opt-in for you. We again followed all the GDPR guidelines while creating our list, so you won’t face any legal issues either. Most importantly, our data is 95% accurate and active. Likewise, you get this database in an Excel and CSV file. However, everyone can buy it at a low price. In the end, our database buying process is very easy.

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