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Amazon Database

Amazon Database is a big collection of authentic information for your needs. Thus, it includes data about sellers, customers, products, orders, reviews, and buyers.  Moreover, it is a great directory for your online marketing. With this, businesses can find which products are popular and repeatedly buy. Besides, it includes all the active contacts by collecting them from trusted sources. So, you can analyze market trends, optimize product listings, and track competitors.

Yet, this is very important to keep ahead of other businesses in this digital era.  As well as it is must to get a verified contact list for business. So, we are here to keep you ahead in business platforms. By taking our leads you can ensure that your sales target hits the mark. That will give you the fastest outcome through a proper marketing process.

What is Amazon?

Amazon ( is an American multinational technology company. Also, the world’s largest online retailer. Moreover, it is an internet-based business enterprise. That provides e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Nonetheless, it is a big company that does lots of things. It’s famous for selling stuff online, like books, gadgets, and clothes. It also streams movies and music through services like Prime Video and Amazon Music. Even, Amazon offers computer services too. Like cloud computing through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Furthermore, it makes devices like Kindle e-readers and Echo smart speakers. Overall, Amazon is a major player in e-commerce, entertainment, and technology platforms.

Amazon database

What You Can Get By Using Our Amazon Database

From the directory users can access a plethora of data, related to:

  1. Product Listings: It has information about products available on Amazon. That includes descriptions, prices, images, and customer reviews.
  2. Customer Data: You can learn customer preferences and purchase history. Besides, browsing behavior, and demographic information.
  3. Order History: Data on things people bought before. Like what they bought and when it was delivered.
  4. Seller Information: Details about third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Thus, it has seller ratings, product listings, and fulfillment methods.
  5. Reviews and Ratings: Thoughts from people who bought stuff. It helps others decide if they want to buy it too.
  6. Supply Chain Management: Details about how things are stored, shipped, and delivered.
  7. Advertising Data: Info about ads on Amazon, like who sees them and if they work well.
  8. Marketplace Insights: Trends and info for sellers and businesses. Which helps them make smart choices.

Exploring the Financial Landscape of Amazon

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s net worth and its revenue.

  • Net Worth (Market Cap): As of June 6, 2024, Amazon’s net worth (market capitalization) is around $1,925.23 billion. Thus, that makes it one of the most valuable companies globally.
  • Revenue: Amazon’s annual revenue for 2023 was $574.79 billion. Hence, this represents an 11.83% increase from 2022. At the end of March 31, 2024, Amazon’s revenue reached $590.74 billion. That indicates a 12.54% increase year-over-year.

Why Us is the Right Choice

You may frequently ask yourself as a client, “Why should I buy Your Amazon Database?”. So, we value your queries, and here’s why.

First of all, we offer the most valid and active contacts at a minimal cost. As a seller, you can take it anytime you need from us. Our genuine info will make your trade easier and more worthwhile. Thus, our professional team is ready 24/7 to give you the best service available. Besides, we are always trying to come up with new ideas to help you out. With us, you can take your business to a new height and achieve goals.

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