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Botim Database

Botim Database contains active contacts who have access to this platform. Thus, this authentic directory has the most up-to-date contacts for your requirements. Similarly, it includes only verified leads from trusted sources. Moreover, we deliver this through the verification process and at a low cost. So, you can take this for your personal or professional needs. We have a vast collection of data that enables great communication with your targeted audience and locations.

There is no doubt that accurate data is essential for starting a business or any needs. Furthermore, here we are to provide you with the best service. So, by using our dataset you can do more than you think. Above all, if you are a merchant then this is a must for you to make more profit. So, Botim Database gives you overall marketing insights, that are valuable for a business.

What is Botim and What it offers

BOTIM is a communication app that is free, secure, and reliable. Moreover, it allows users to make free voice and video calls to their friends and family around the world. Thus, it offers encrypted chats and calls, and group chats with up to 500 people. Also, it can share photos, videos, voice messages, and more. Primarily, it is a VoIP application that it’s available on various platforms. Such as iOS, Android, and desktop. Hence, Botim is available across various countries for free. Only in UAE, it is associated with Internet Calling Plans offered by local Telecom Operators. Besides, you can do digital KYC; easy money transfers; built-in emoji dashboards. Also, mobile recharges; bill payments; online games, and much more.

Botim database

BOTIM makes communication secure and encrypted. Here’s what it offers:

  1. Messaging and Calls: Send texts, pictures, videos, and more to your contacts. Anyone enjoys high-quality voice and video calls.
  2. Payment Platform: Easily manage your finances with it. Top up your e-wallet, and pay online or offline by scanning, sending, and receiving money. Thus, you can do it both locally or internationally, and handle transactions with ease.
  3. Offers and Discounts: Get exclusive deals without any subscription fees. Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 free offers at restaurants and SPAs. Likewise, you can get instant online discounts from your favorite merchants.
  4. Multi-Device Communication: You can Install Botim on many devices and sync your conversations. So you can seamlessly switch between them without missing a beat.

You can get BOTIM from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

How Famous is Botim Worldwide

Botim provides encrypted connections across borders and is very popular. Again, it is attracting users from many countries. Thus, it is suitable for users of all ages and technical backgrounds. Botim has a global user base of over 150 million till now. Furthermore, it’s available in over 170 countries.

Different places like it more than others. For example:

  1. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where BOTIM started, lots of people use it now.
  2. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco use it a lot.
  3. In South Asia, places like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are starting to like it.
  4. Even in Eastern Europe, like Ukraine, many people are using it now.

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