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Romania Phone Numbers

Romania phone numbers is a helpful phone number list to have for successful telemarketing campaigns. A telemarketing process involves using a phone database and related details to conduct marketing campaigns over the phone. This database typically includes data like name, contact number, address, age etc. Besides, there are 26 million people here who use mobile phones. As a result, this is a great chance for any telemarketer to grow their business here. These reliable cell phone numbers are available at an affordable price on the Telemarketing Data website. Romania’s phone data is a valid contact number list of Romanians. Any telemarketer can rely on this phone list. With this database, any business can call people and tell them about cool deals or products they might like.

Romania phone numbers

Finding Your Audience

Finding your audience is very important for any type of marketing. First, you have to target a group of people according to your needs. Then you need to market your product to them. Follow these steps for a better understanding:

⦁ Understanding Your Audience: Firstly, learn who your potential customers are and what they need.

⦁ Researching Demographics: Identify key traits like age, location, and interests to target effectively.

⦁ Using Data Tools: Use tools and platforms to gather insights into your audience’s behavior.

⦁ Tailoring Your Message: Craft marketing messages that resonate with the specific needs and preferences of your audience.

⦁ Engaging Effectively: Reach out through channels where your audience is most active to maximize engagement and response.

Romania Mobile Phone Number

Romania mobile phone number is a perfect telemarketing tool to achieve any business’s targeted goal. This telemarketing tool can give you access to numerous potential customers in real time. Our team of experts also works hard to provide you with more than 95% valid contact numbers. Therefore, you can easily raise your company’s awareness by cold calling and SMS promotion. You can use our contact numbers for sales growth and a huge return on investment (ROI). This is the best way to contact your potential customers in this country. Furthermore, our contact numbers were collected strictly following GDPR rules. As a result, you will get the highest quality leads. Our listing was made very carefully. It has almost zero bounce rate.

Personalizing Your Approach

Personalizing your approach means getting to know your customers and making your marketing fit them perfectly. You do this by calling them by their name. And look for what they’ve done before, and split them into groups based on what they like. Then, you send them messages that are just right for them. It is like suggesting products they might love or giving them special deals on things they’ve bought before. This makes your customers feel special and keeps them coming back for more. That is great for your business in the long run. Romania mobile phone number lets you contact specific areas or groups of people according to your needs.

Romania Mobile Phone Number Details

When you want to call Romania from another country, you use the country code 40. First, you dial the IDD (International Direct Dialing) number of your country. Then you add the country code 40 for Romania. After that, you dial the specific area code for the city you want to reach in Romania. This area code table lists all the different city codes in Romania. Once you have the complete Romania dialing code, you can make your international call easily.

Sim Card Company in Romania

⦁ Orange.


⦁ Telekom Mobile.

⦁ Digi (available only for postpaid users).

Best Mobile Operators in Romania


4G coverage

5G coverage

Data speeds

Voice quality

Customer service


Digi Mobile



Very fast

Very good



Orange Romania

Very good

Very good

Very good

Very good



Telekom Romania







Vodafone Romania

Very good

Very good

Very fast

Very good



Updating and Maintaining Accuracy

Updating and maintaining accuracy is crucial to ensure that information remains fresh and reliable. It involves regularly checking and correcting data to reflect any changes or new developments. This process ensures that databases remain up-to-date and free from errors. By conducting routine audits and verifying information from credible sources, accuracy can be preserved. Our Romania mobile phone number was made by collecting data from reputed sources only. Similarly, our experienced team updates Romania mobile phone number daily. This is the reason we assure you more than 95% of contacts in our database are valid and fresh. All our telemarketing lists have GDPR verification, so you will get quality leads.

Importance of Using Telemarketing in Romania

Using telemarketing in Romania is important because there are lots of people, over 19.05 million. With around 17 million folks using mobile phones daily. Therefore, businesses can talk to a large bunch of them directly. Romania has a high GDP (Gross domestic product). It is getting bigger, now it’s over $369.971 billion. Each person, on average, has about $19,530 to spend every year. Things are getting better for people too, with a score called HDI going up. This shows life is getting nicer. Telemarketing helps businesses talk to people, sell stuff, and make the country even better. Romania mobile phone number from Telemarketing Data will make your business grow more quickly. Telemarketing is an important process for any business.

  1. Telemarketing provides a direct way for businesses to reach potential customers and promote their products or services.
  2. It allows businesses to engage with a large audience, increasing brand awareness and driving sales.
  3. Phone marketing enables personalized communication, cultivating stronger relationships with customers. More importantly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

1 Million Package

Total Phone Number: 1 Million

Price: $1,000

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Romania Numbers FAQ

Q. What are the sources of the database?

A. We have a lot of trusted online and offline sources like e-commerce, job sites, shopping sites, and business directories from where our leads are collected. 

Q. What are the reasons people buy these contacts?

A. People buy these contacts because these databases will help their business during telemarketing.

Q. Can the database help any business?

A. Yes, these contacts can provide support to any business.

Q. Is the dataset updated?

A. Yes, we update our contact collection every month.

Q: Do I have to face any data security issues? 

A: We always maintain all the rules of GDPR while creating the database. So, you need not worry about the data security at all

Q. Can I take customized contacts within my budget?

A. Of course, anyone can take the database within their price range.

Q. In how many days consumers will get the database?

A. After purchasing any of the packages our consumers will get it within 24 hours.

Q. What is the format of the data?

A. We deliver the order in Excel, CSV, and text format.

Q. What is the accuracy rate?

A. We are giving a guarantee of at least 95% accurate information Which will help you successfully advertise your goods. 

Q: How should I handle this quantity of database? 

A: We made our dataset suitable for the CRM system. Therefore, you can handle this database easily.